The Sixth Scents

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A mega-cute multipack here. SIX small bottles:

  • Purple Haze (10ml)
  • Rush Leather Cleaner 10ml
  • Amsterdam 10ml
  • Amsterdam Gold PENTYL 10ml
  • Buzz 10ml
  • Explosive 9ml

Purple Haze Room Odourisers No Colour 10ml

PENTYL Amsterdam Ultra Gold 10ml

Amsterdam Ultra Pentyl - Gold standard product, let this new intoxicating aroma take you on a journey of the senses. Strong and long lasting it wont let you down. A smooth nod to the Amsterdam brand, the first Amsterdam Pentyl on the market

Buzz Aroma - 10ml

Power Packed

Buy Cheap Buzz Aromas

Great aroma, the buzz comes in a red and black colour bottle with a characteristic bee and is one of our best selling room odourisers.

Explosive Leather Cleaner 9ml

Explosive Leather Cleaner 9ml

Temporarily unavailable

Rush Aroma - 10ml

Special UK Formula

Rush room aroma

Our popular Rush from Room Aromas, in stock the cheapest rush online.
Buy today for super fast delivery of all your room aromas.

Due to supplier shortages for the foreseeable future this item will come with a black cap instead of a white cap.

Amsterdam Leather Cleaner 10ml

Amsterdam home of the twisted - An apt name for this little popper

This product is currently unavailable.
SKU: PACK-six-scents Category:


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