Room Aromas is the largest stockist of room aromas and room odourisers on the internet! We endeavour to stock every brand of room aroma out there at the best possible prices!

Room aromas are designed to be placed in the corner of a room to release a pleasant odour with aphrodisiac and aromatherapeutic properties. The are great for a romantic night in with a partner or a full blown party!

Rush is a firm favourite, as are old school brands such as Liquid Gold, Pure Gold and English Aroma. There are many new popular brands on the market, and we try to stock all of them. Make sure you also check out Potent Blue, Jungle Juice and Berlin.


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Yes. Isopropyl nitrite is a highly toxic and flammable chemical that should be handled with extreme care with careful attention to the all warnings on the bottle. Under no circumstances should aroma products be inhaled directly from the bottle. Due care and attention should be paid to the guidance given with any of the herbal stimulant products we sell.