The Fantastic Four

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KAPOW! Take that Joker – We’ve got a fabulous foursome for you here… 2 super-powered PENTYL bottles, backed up with their classic trusty companions.

  • English Pentyl 24ml
  • Propyl 24ml
  • Classic English Room Odouriser 25ml
  • Original Amsterdam Gold 25ml

English Pentyl 24ml

English have brought out this super quality Pentyl product. If your looking to try something a bit different then this is definitely worth a shout, Available in 15ml and 24ml bottles this English import is certainly worth a sniff.

English Room 25ML Poppers UK

English Aroma, a patriotic bottle of aromas, with its distinctive St George's Cross on the Label and 25ml of pure English Aroma.

Original Amsterdam Gold Extra Strong Room Odouriser - 25ml

Amsterdam Gold Room Aroma

Brand new to RoomAromas is Amsterdam Gold, named after the famous Dutch City, our Amsterdam Gold aroma is sure to be a big hit with all our customers.
Comes in a large 25ml bottle of pure delight that will bring a sexy mood to any room.

Propyl Leather Cleaner 24ml

This popper was voted the Number #1 popper in recent popper awards panel for both strength & clean effect. Literally beat all competition for popper gold award. Are you ready to add a big something extra to your night? Propyl poppers are more punch for your pound. Strong yet surprisingly smooth formulation, this one is so popular it flies off the shelf.

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