The Bullseye Pack

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Triple Poppers Pack: Buzz, Thunderball Pentyl, and Bullseye – A Super Smashing Great Trio!


Looking to get hit by the bull?

This budget bullseye product may be cheaper but the UK aroma has not been compromised. This is a new popper to prowler poppers & we think that its going to be very popular. This is a 10ml bottle.

Thunderball Extreme Pentyl 24ml

Do you want to take things to the extreme? If so Thunderball is the popper for you. Beware these are extremely long lasting powerful poppers. Only recently available in the UK they will blow your mind.

Available in 24ml bottles

Buzz Aroma - 10ml

Power Packed

Buy Cheap Buzz Aromas

Great aroma, the buzz comes in a red and black colour bottle with a characteristic bee and is one of our best selling room odourisers.

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