Freaky Five

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Four hugely discounted old favourites, with an extra PENTYL thrown in as well! Take a look at this:

  • Amsterdam Gold 25ml
  • Tom Taylor ‘DAD’ 25ml
  • Bullseye 10ml
  • Ye Old English Aroma 22ml
  • Le Jus PENTYL 10ml

Original Amsterdam Gold Extra Strong Room Odouriser - 25ml

Amsterdam Gold Room Aroma

Brand new to RoomAromas is Amsterdam Gold, named after the famous Dutch City, our Amsterdam Gold aroma is sure to be a big hit with all our customers.
Comes in a large 25ml bottle of pure delight that will bring a sexy mood to any room.

Dad by Tom Taylor x PROWLER - 25ml

Dad by Tom Taylor x PROWLER - 25ml

Extra Strong Aromas with Power Pellet

Bottle artwork by illustrator Tom Taylor

Le Jus Ultra PENTYL 10ml

Introducing the sensational Ultra Pentyl Poppers by the brand new Le Jus! Now available in a compact 10ml bottle, this unique formulation combines pentyl and an innovative nitrite called pentanol. Get ready to experience its enchanting, slightly sweet aroma and ultra-potent effects that will leave you breathless.

Ye Old English – 22ml Poppers

English Aroma, a patriotic bottle of aromas, with its distinctive St George's Cross on the Label and 22ml of pure English Aroma.


Looking to get hit by the bull?

This budget bullseye product may be cheaper but the UK aroma has not been compromised. This is a new popper to prowler poppers & we think that its going to be very popular. This is a 10ml bottle.

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