The BellyTubbies Pack

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You might think that Kinky-Winky, Tipsy, Ra-Ra & Hoe sound like all the ingredients for a perfect night out – and you’d be right! So we’ve create a new pack – The Belly-Tubbies! Perfect for those of us who like to keep our well-defined abs underneath a warm, comforting layer (or two) of insulation.

Pack contains:

  • King Aroma (25ml)
  • Propyl (24ml)
  • Chemical X PENTYL (24ml)
  • PENTYL Thunderball X (24ml)


Brand new to prowler poppers this will make you feel like royalty super smooth strong hit takes you around the royal garden & back again.

A huge 25ml bottle will keep even the greedy fully satisfied

Propyl Leather Cleaner 24ml

This popper was voted the Number #1 popper in recent popper awards panel for both strength & clean effect. Literally beat all competition for popper gold award. Are you ready to add a big something extra to your night? Propyl poppers are more punch for your pound. Strong yet surprisingly smooth formulation, this one is so popular it flies off the shelf.

Thunderball Extreme Pentyl 24ml

Do you want to take things to the extreme? If so Thunderball is the popper for you. Beware these are extremely long lasting powerful poppers. Only recently available in the UK they will blow your mind.

Available in 24ml bottles

Chemical X Pentyl 24ml

Chemical X is from the much sought after Pentyl range. This strong popper carries a unique blend that makes it a firm favourite with aromas fans. Available in 15ml and 24 ml bottles

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