Liquid Gold vs Propyl


Ladies & Gentlemen… May we present to you, the battle of the beasts, the ultimate rumble in the jungle:

In the Blue corner we have, hailing from Great Britain: ‘Lucky’ Liquid Gold… And in the Red corner – the upcoming challenger: He’s potent, he’s powerful, he’s ready to pummel you around the ring… It’s Propyl

(and to make it fair, we’re giving you FIVE bottles of Liquid Gold!)

Pack contains

  • 5 (Yes FIVE!) bottles of Liquid Gold 10ml
  • 1 x 24ml PROPYL

Propyl Leather Cleaner 24ml

Propyl Leather Cleaner 24ml

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Liquid Gold Room Odorisor - 10ml × 5

Liquid Gold aromas are the world's most famous and popular room aroma. We at believe in bringing you the biggest names at the best prices and our Liquid Gold is still our best seller and considered to be the number one room odourizer.

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