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If you aren’t sure then why not ask everyone, this pack includes the most popular aromas on the market.


  • 1 x Liquid Gold Room Odorisor – 10ml
  • 1 x Rush Aroma – 10ml
  • 1 x Fist Room Odoriser – 25ml
  • 1 x English Room Odoriser – 25ml

Liquid Gold Room Odorisor - 10ml

Liquid Gold aromas are the world's most famous and popular room aroma. We at believe in bringing you the biggest names at the best prices and our Liquid Gold is still our best seller and considered to be the number one room odourizer.

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Rush Aroma - 10ml

Special UK Formula

Rush room aroma

Our popular Rush from Room Aromas, in stock the cheapest rush online.
Buy today for super fast delivery of all your room aromas.

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English Room Odoriser - 25ml

English Aroma, a patriotic bottle of aromas, with its distinctive St George's Cross on the Label and 25ml of pure English Aroma.

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Fist Room Odoriser - 25ml

Buy Fist Aromas Online

Not only a massive 25ml bottle but also a super strong room aroma, named after an infamous London club.
Buy Fist Room aromas today and never look back.

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